What’s in the Fridge – Egg Beater Omelet with Yammy Hash Browns

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Monday morning!!!!!!


As always, what’s in the fridge??? Well it may be unbelievable, but I am not making Chicken. Well close, making eggs (sort of chicken, unh!).

Let’s take the following!

Egg Beaters
2 slices of non-fat American cheese (does not have to be)
1 tablespoon of non-fat Ricotta cheese.
Cayenne Pepper.
Garlic Paste (as much as you like).
Herbs (Sage and Basil).
One (Medium-Size) Yam (could be sweet potato, or even a regular potato)
Red Onion.
2 slices of wheat bread.

The good thing about this – One (non-stick) pan needed.

Thinly dice the onion, herbs and yam (I actually only used half).
Separate the herbs. Heat the pan – a little olive oil.

Place your onion and yam in the pan – medium heat. They should brown of in about 3-5 minutes. Now, add salt, pepper and garlic paste. After that, add a little water. Just to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover. Let cook for 5 more minutes (will soften up the yam cubes). Uncover – turn up the heat to high – let the water evaporate. (I also add a little more olive oil or butter, but not necessary.)

Now remove and plate.

Drop two slices of wheat bread in the toaster.

Same pan – take the Egg Beaters. On medium to low heat – stir in herbs, salt, pepper, ricotta. Add the two slices of cheese as well. Stir slowly to mix everything together. Breaking up the cheeses.

Let sit and periodically take your spoon (or spatula) and move the sides to even distribute the eggs. Your Omelet is almost ready. Take the toast (you can butter if you want).

Plate up!!!!!!! And enjoy – unlike my buddy – Wallace, I do not have some Red Wine!!!

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