What’s in da Fridge – Mixed Grill Salad – Lamb, Tuna, Shrimp

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>Should have published this blog earlier!!!!!!!!

Found the video, wanted to give you the recipe.

Mixed Grill – Lamb, Tuna, Shrimp

Those that know me know that I love blending different spices from various cultures. This dish is a little East meets West meets Central.

Quick and Easy Grill with some stuff from the Fridge and Salad.

The ingredients needed are simple. You probably have them in your cabinet and fridge.

Lamb Chops
Salad (I like buying the already washed from the grocery store)
Rice Wine Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Herb – Chives, Marjoram, Oregano, Chervil
Olive Oil
Wally’s Sofrito (Checked the site – my blog on how to make it)

Rub the Lamb Chops with Sofrito. (Let marinate as long as possible.)

Start your fire 15-20 minutes prior to cooking – I use Wood Charcoal. I happen to like the taste, plus I think it is from my time in South America. It is used in most of the Rodizios and Churrascarias.

Place the marinated lamb on the grill. Slice Carrots, rub them with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil slice length wise and place on the grill. Now mix in a zip lock back Soy, Rice Wine Vinegar, Ginger, Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil – add Tuna and Shrimp – (can stay in for an hour at the most).

Flip the Lamb Chops and add the Tuna and Shrimp.

Let’s make the salad – your favorite lettuce, sliced cucumbers, feta cheese (if you have it also goes well), Dress them lightly with Olive Oil and Vinegar.

Your food should be almost ready.

Turn over the Tuna Steaks, Shrimps. You want them to be medium rare to rare.

When the shrimps are opaque, everything should be ready. Remove from the fire. Slice the Tuna and Lamb. Place over a bed of the salad. Cut the Fresh Herbs and sprinkle on top.

You are ready to eat.

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