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    The Last Supper – Ribeye Steak with Sweet Potao Fries and a Vegetable Stir-Fry Medley

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    The Last Supper – Ribeye Steak with Sweet Potao Fries and a Vegetable Stir-Fry Medley

    It is that time of year again, holidays are over…. New Year…Time to get in shape….In addition to this I have two major motivating factors, turning 50 this year and my compadre…C.W. Harris has been grinding it out (becoming a Super Hero). I am feeling bad. Need to get back the Abs. But before this happen, I have to have my LAST SUPPER!!!!

    So about two weeks ago, passing by one of my favorite neighborhood butcher, La Rosa, I spot Ribeye. (If there any that I am sure God created besides me, it was a beautiful piece of meat called Ribeye.) Something about it started singing to me in a heavenly voice. I could hear myself being delivered. As if I was being seduced and had to cheat on my princesa, she called me. Devour me. She called my name. I knew how Adam felt (or some of our politicians) TEMPTED!!!! I ask for two pieces about two inches thick each. That would give me one piece for me. And enough for everyone else! (I am being fair. For it was I that was suffering thru this moment of deceitful lust!!)

    While smoking My UZI Weighs a Ton (thank you Mr. Drew). I walk home… enough time to contemplate how and when I was going to partake of her love, for yes. Ribeye …I shall have you. First, just like any great Goddess, she needed to be prepared for sacrifice. Let’s see What’s in da Fridge? How can I dress her for a soon to come lovely night of decadence?

    Got it. She will be bathed (aged) for at least a week in a bath only fit for her beauty.

    Queen’s bath (marinade)

    - Balsamic Vinegar

    - Cracked Black Pepper

    - Rosemary

    - Salsa (got some left over from Costco)

    - Crushed Garlic

    I leave her there resting in all of her lavishness for two weeks. (Yeah in the fridge – wrapped and sealed in good old Tupperware – to keep the refrigerator taste out.)

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