What’s in da Fridge – Seared Tuna with Hash & Salsa

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Got a great deal on some Ahi Tuna …Made Hash and Salsa with a twist.

What’s in da Fridge – Seared Tuna with Hash and Salsa with a twist

One of those days, I am trying to loose weight…but hey! It’s Sunday…Worked out 4 days this week. Time to cook something a little enjoyable. Enough of the salads and grilled chicken.

Today I am going preparing one of my favorites – Grilled (or Seared) Tuna. To me good Tuna you can eat raw. In addition, I was at the farmer’s market and bought some carrots, purple potatoes and Portobello mushrooms.

So here we go;
- Season the tuna with kosher (or sea) salt lightly, black pepper and garlic powder to taste.

- Time to Dice. You need to dice the following
o Cucumber
o Tomato
o Carrots
o Celery
o Baby Corn (Asian style)
o Recao (also called culantro)
o Scallions – White and Green separate.
o Potatoes (Purple)
o Mushrooms (Portobello)
o One Apple

- You will also need the following seasoning
o Black Pepper
o Salt (Kosher or Sea)
o Garlic Powder
o Chili Powder
o Ground Ginger
o Soy Sauce (I used Tamarind flavored).
o One lime
o Dry Dill
o Dry Basil

Now let’s put the dish together…Make sure your pans are hot to get the sear on the Tuna. I love using a Cast Iron Skillet for the Tuna. For more questions, please feel free to contact us on www.everydayguy.tv.

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