What’s in the Fridge – ALRIGHT ENOUGH CHICKEN

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>Well, I know that if you have not figured it out by now, this week, I am making CHICKEN, POLLO, FRANGO…whatever you want to call it. So many of us get tired of having chicken, but at the end of the day, after pigging out all summer – I need to loose some weight and also, it is the only thing in the freaking FRIDGE!!!!!!!

So, I pull how two chicken breast – with the skin on.

Let’s see! Got Potatoes, frozen peas and carrots.

Also, I am a fan of one pan cooking if you can. Keeps the woman of the house from screaming about the dishes!!!

Grab my infamous oven-friendly frying pan, heat it up. Also turn the oven to 350 – need to preheat it.

This is fast so hold on!!!!

Grab some seasoning. Got Sesame Seeds, Dried Rosemary and Cumin. Place that in a pan over high heat. Let them toast up!!!!! Meanwhile, clean the chicken breast, place them in a bowl. Make a dry rub!

Got Old Bay Seasoning, Salt, and Pepper (don’t need a lot of salt – Old Bay has a lot). Onion and Garlic powder.

Grab the potatoes cut them up. Also found some plum tomatoes. Cut them up also. Grab the peas and carrots. Rinse them off in a strainer with some warm water. Put them (everything) in a bowl, a little seasoning – salt, pepper, garlic.

Take the toasted items put them in a coffee grinder if you have one (if not does not matter) grind add to the chicken. Make sure your chicken is fully covered with the rub.

Same pan, add some olive oil. Place breast skin side down. Let them sear up (get brown – I like them to smoke actually – not burn but definitely brown)!!

Flip, add the Potatoes Mixture to the pan. Cover. Place it in the oven –45-60 minutes or until
brown! Don’t really need to watch it, flip it or anything.

Uncover – turn the heat up to broil (500). Make sure the chicken breasts are skin side up!!

Depending on the heat of your broiler / oven – you only need 5 -10 minutes.

Now you are ready to eat.

Plate and enjoy. Your meal is completely ready.

I promise, I will make something else beside Chicken (well I like Chicken) !!!!!!!

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