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Having Bison Balls is not really as strange as it sounds but I have to admit when I was rolling those things in my hands I did feel a bit out of sorts. You see our local Whole Foods had ground bison on sale and my lovely asked me to get some so that she could make our adorable daughter, Tatiana, some meatball soup. After about 3 days it seemed obvious that the only person willing to handle the bison was me so that’s what I did.
I took 2 slices of whole grain bread and through the in food processor to make bread crumbs. Then I added those to a pounds of bison along with a little mike, minced onion, garlic and I snuck in some fresh sage. An egg and a little salt is pepper is all those balls needed. Then after browning those succulent little balls I sauteed an onion, mushrooms, a little more garlic just to ward off the vampires and at the end tossed in some spinach that was taking up space in the fridge. A little dry sherry to deglaze the pan, some chicken stock, add the balls back and toss with whole wheat pasta and you have my bison balls recipes.

Of course if my wife appreciated spicy food there would have been plenty of red pepper added but I had to that with the freshly grated parmesan I added while serving.

To tell you the truth. Bison Balls Rock!

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