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>During times like these everyone has to search inside of themselves, reach out to their support systems of reality and truth (friends, family, religion, etc.) In this blog, we will use it as an extension of www.everydayguy.tv.

At www.everydayguy.tv, we receive a host of messages from our members with words of inspiration, we wish to share some of them with you. Over the next coming days, we will begin to share, photos, written words, videos and other content sent to us from our members and other sources.

It should be clear that what we publish is fully meant to inspire and strengthen the reader. We hope that you find this blog as a source of power and energy to enlighten your day; motivation to achieve your goal; energy to handle the trials and tribulations that life brings.

The following message was received from one of our members. I wanted to share it with you!

Guy Jazzy Rainey has sent you a message on Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community

By Example
Giving expression to my inner Christ nature, I lead by example.

The Christ Spirit within me is my all in all that matters. The inner perfection of my Christ nature moves out to be a part of what I say and do to the degree that I am willing to let that happen. And I am willing to be the best Christ in expression that I can be.

As I give expression to divine qualities of love and patience, wisdom and compassion, I am blessed and I bless others. I learn more each day about what helps me and what might also help others. I do not push with advice. I lead by example.

I am an example of good that comes from giving expression to the Christ within. Living from my divine nature, I invite others to let their inner light shine in wonderful, empowering ways.

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