Stepping Backward – Voting Rights 1965 and now

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Stepping Backward – Voting Rights 1965 and now


On this date August 6, 1965, the Voting Rights Act was signed. It is a travesty that 60 years later, we are still taking steps backwards instead of forward!  You know everyone.. I don’t fault the haters.  I am not even mad at them.  I understand the need for ID. Don’t have a problem with it.  But there should be some Grandfather laws applied. Something to the effect of anyone born after the Voting Rights Acts requires ID.  What is so hard with that?  Now as for limiting voting hours, this is complete and udder hypocrisy!!!  If we truly live in a Democracy where everyone’s voice should be heard and counted, why would you want to limit this ability by any choice?  It seems to me that few of us Americans don’t want to living in a true Democracy – are we moving towards Feudalism? I thought the founding fathers fled countries where the land barons ruled everything!!!!    I am not against being RICH. I get up everyday motivated that CAPITALISM is KING and I can participate in it.  But as a former athlete and an American, I look for the game to be FAIR from all ASPECTS!! Where are we as a country, if people want to continue on both sides to argue about the problem rather than move to the solution?  So much for my diatribe… GOD BLESS THE REAL AMERICA..MAY WE SEE IT ONE DAY!!!!!!


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