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2nd – I would like to say that it was a decent speech but not a lot of substance. Herein is the problem of the Presidency. Americans must know that your fight begins with your Congressional members and your Vote.


-       Issues with Obama

  • We had a lot of talk about new programs and regulations without how we were going to pay for them. In addition, as a small business owner/entrepreneur, I do not believe that tax credits can help me fund growth. What is necessary is access to capital thru your new merged Commerce department or something?
  • Nothing was said about all the subsidies. While you attack the easy (Oil) how about farm subsidies? Where are we on that?  What are you going to do to make that an example of Free Market economy or should I go plant corn?
  • Play in World Markets.  I really still cannot articulate your strategy. How do you plan to draw us away from being the Police for the World?   Where does the funding go? It can’t stop. I understand the need to protect our sovereignty and I don’t believe that the current send a brigade everywhere works. So what is the strategy?
  • To the big stuff, what actually is your idea on Tax Reform?  I sort of hear it on the Republican side? What is yours?  Cutting the loopholes doesn’t get us there. We need a complete overall of tax reform. Broaden the base and flatten the tax rate.  I am thinking that two levels are better 25 slowly migrating to 18% depending on income.  With this, we need to remove all deductions and penalties, including Gift / Inheritance tax.
  • Where is the support for voter’s rights?
  • Okay, I am for public / private partnership to fund employment. But if government dollars are involved, we must tie it to benefits of Welfare and Unemployment.
  • America needs to be re-tooled and it has to happen in conjunction with Benefits.
  • I applaud you for reaching out to manufacturing this is needed. Being from the Midwest, we need to restore our cities that were built on manufacturing.


-       Issue with Republican response

  • I have heard a lot from my buddies about what Obama has done wrong, but where are they making a commitment to come together as a team. I still see a big difference between Tea Party on the right and Reaganites.   How do we come together as a party?
  • What is your plan for stimulating the economy? Don’t tell me by putting more money into the pockets of those that already have. That did not work. Can you stay Stimulus package? We need a bill that stimulates growth at the Micro level. This is the Republican party of Lincoln and Reagan
  • Where is the support for voter’s rights?  If I am American, why don’t we propose a law that mandates that you HAVE to vote?
  • Where was the response to be honest? I just hear a lot of griping and blame but no response to change and resolution of the problems at hand.



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