Cooking with Hot Rod – Flounder with Pasta and Mussels

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Cooking with Hot Rod – Flounder with Pasta and Mussels

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On Saturday, I am hanging with Hot Rod(ney) Ramirez, we wanted to cook something for our friends.  Decided to hit the Farmers Market on 14th Street (Manhattan).   Hop on the bikes, always the fastest way to get around in NYC – either that or the subway!

So what did I find:

-       Lemon Thyme

-       Thai Basil

-       Chives

-       Fingerling Potatoes.

-       Beets

-       Vidalia Onions

-       Shallots

-       Spinach Pasta

-       Mussels

-       Flounder


Thought that I could make a quick dish for my friends while we were enjoying come great comradery and cigars.


You can watch the video and see how everything was made.


It is important to take your time and heat your pans.  Some funny moments were left in the video.  Yeah I did heat the pans and got popped with some oil. Oh yeah, forgot to take the top off.


Root Vegetable Medley

-       Cut the potatoes, onions and beets into squares.

-       Season with salt, pepper, garlic (as shown in the video).

-       Brown them in the pan.  Don’t worry that the beets will have a lot of liquid.

-       After the vegetables have brown, add the garlic and a water to cover.

-       Place a cover on the pan.

-       15-20 minutes, uncover.  Top off with butter or olive oil.  DONE!


Pasta with Mussels.

-       Make sure your water is well salted and has olive oil (extra virgin if you can).

-       I am using fresh pasta. It cooks fast.  4-7 minutes.

-       Strain it off.  Add some olive oil to make sure the pasta want strip.

-       In the same pot, add onion, garlic, and thyme.

-       Let them sweat until onions are translucent.

-       Add mussels, salt, pepper. Cook until they open.

-       Now slowly add butter (wine and cream also work) be sure not to use too much. Just need enough to coat the pasta.

-       Add back the pasta. Taste. Might need a pinch of salt.



Flounders with Herbs.

-       Season flounder with salt and pepper.

-       In a frying pan, add olive oil.

-       Place the fish. Brown off.  Be careful the fish is delicate.

-       After it is browned, you can squeeze some lemon and add a little olive oil.

-       Now coat with the fresh herbs.  We have lemon thyme and Thai basil.

-       Entire cooking time is 5-7 minutes.


Watch how we plate everything!  Great dish. Thanks to Hot Rod for the cigars and the kitchen.

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