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>Dear friend ,this is the message i preached last sunday in church.I read from 2samuel 24:24

Here David sinned against God by numbering Israel.God sent a plague in Israel for some time and later decided to have mercy on the people .He told Gad the prophet to tell David to go and offer a sacrifice for Him at the threshing flour of Araunah the jebusite .Araunah wanted to give it to David free of charge ,but David said he must not give any offering to God that did not cost him something.So,he bought it with a price.

Friend i want you to know that your service for the lord must cost you something.It cost God His only begotten son Jesus for you to be saved.

It will cost you the following to serve God:

1, Your time

2, Your strength and Energy

3,Your money..offering,tithe,seed

5,Your life..It cost many Apostles their lives

You are blessed.

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