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>After watching the debate, the recent occurrences on the financial disasters (inevitable), trying to understand what would happen if Sara Palin ever became President, I decided it was time to do two things – First PRAY!!!

Second, a glass of a good wine has always helped to calm you down – yes I believe you can pray and have a glass every now and than.

My last trip to Brazil I happened to taste some great wines. While I am by no means a connoisseur or sommelier, I happened to know what I like. I like wines that have a taste to them. That stands up and justify themselves. Most important thing is that they don’t give me headache in the morning (either from drinking too much or costing too much!!!!!) Not opposed to buying good wines, but as an EverydayGuy, I always have a cost/performance ratio running.

So let me tell you about three wines that I found and fell in love with (all are from the Miolo Family):

Miolo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Sauvignon
Safra 2006. Great Red Stand up against any wine in the $15-25 range. At about $6-10 USD a bottle, it is a great buy. They even have reasonable prices in the restaurants.

Miolo Lot 43 2004 – Cabernet Sauvignon – Here is a wine that I put against some of the Bordeaux that I love from France. This wine is exceptional and in limited supply. I do not believe it is available in the states. It is in limited supply in Brazil (one available per Citizen – they actually ask for your Brazilian CPF – that also means if you can afford it). At $30-35 dollars a bottle, it is a steal!!! Almost worth the flight to Brazil. Find a friend that can get you a bottle if you are not able to make the trip…

Miolo Fortaleza do Seival Pinot Grigio 2008. – Now for those of you that like white wines, I happen to like drinking this one. It is about the same price as its “brother from another mother” Reserva Cabernet and has a lot of body for a Pinot Grigio! Love it, great bottle even with cheese, dessert.

Okay, I have had my drink – back to the rat race.

Stay safe, and God Bless!!!!!!!!

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