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5 September 2007


In Salvador, Bahia, just met up with my buddy Captain Ron (yes, he is really named Capt. Ron – LOL). Ron has a slight problem. He is stuck in Salvador. Does not speak the language. Has a beautiful Catamaran that he needs to deliver to South Africa. But he has to wait for at least two more weeks for another mate to arrive and a part. What do we do?


Let’s take a trip.


1st thing – go shopping. Need to buy supplies. We strike a deal with my buddy – Ron! He sails. We buy the stock and chip in for any gas. In addition, I COOK. He has already tasted my cooking and is keen on having some REAL food instead of eating out every night and suffering to order (in Portuguese).


So I am off – Shopping in Perini (www.perini.com.br) Great place. Looking for what will go well on a boat for a day or two trip. Get some breads, cheeses, cold cuts (a must Mortadella). What do you know they actually have something from back home – BACON, I mean real bacon must buy! Get some fresh Seafood (fish – Dorado / Mahi Mahi and Tuna, plus shrimps!). Load up on fresh herbs, I find rosemary, garlic chives, basil, cilantro and dill. Need eggs and just other stuff – filler –rice, pasta, polenta. Plus don’t forget the must haves for the morning while traveling with anyone an assortment of salgados (empanadas, tortas, etc.) and pastries.


Don’t forget liquor, beer, juice, water and ice! Take everything to the boat pack the coolers. Take out a Picanha (Rump Roast) set it to marinate in garlic, beer and a little Guarana (Brazilian 7-up). That will be tomorrow night’s dinner. The beer is in the cooler on ice. We are all set ready to travel tomorrow.


Let’s get going.


It is now tomorrow morning. Leave the apartment early. Pick up some more ice and get ready to sail. One problem! It is raining. Are we going to sail in the rain? So there is an immediate remedy – old fashion American Breakfast with a twist – cooking for 8 Hungry persons.



Bloody Mary




I told you – we got Vodka – In Brasil – Smirnoff is some of the best priced Alcohol you can buy.

- Everything should be made to taste. My guests are seasoned partiers and getting ready to enjoy a couple of days on this lovely boat.

- Liter of Vodka

- Tomato Juice

- Ground Pepper (hard to find in Brazil, not really used).

- Salt

- Scallions.

- Worcestershire Sauce.

- Tabasco Sauce.

- Celery.

o I use a 3 – 2 ratio for mixing. 3 Parts Tomato Juice to 2 parts Vodka. Over Ice in a pitcher. Stir add in salt (should not need a lot), pepper, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and chopped scallions and celery (finely chopped).


- Pour for your guest while they are waiting on breakfast. Got to keep them happy.







Wally’s Hash Browns

- Dice your potatoes and place them in a large non-stick skillet. With Olive Oil, salt and pepper.

- Now dice an onion and bell pepper.

- Finely chop Leeks (if you can find them – we did)

- In addition, a roasted mild pepper – I found a Poblano-like pepper already roasted. Chopped it fine.

- Place all ingredients in a pan to sauté separate from the potatoes.

- Now in concert – the potatoes should be browning and the other ingredients should be ready to combine. Does not really matter which pan to which.

- I like to take the onions, etc to the potatoes.

- Now that they are together add Bay Leaf, one cup of water and cover. Let simmer for 15-30 minutes on low heat –constantly stirring.

- You want the texture to be almost close to mash. Let the water dissipate. Now add a dash of olive oil. Uncover and let the bottom brown (I like almost burnt). Now these are Wally’s Hash Browns.



Spicy Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives.

- Easy

- Of course we are serving these with Bacon and Bread

o Place the Bacon in non-stick pan to cook. Make sure you regulate the heat. At least 2 – 3 strips per person.

o Place the bread – we had loafs in the oven on low heat to warm.

- Crack Eggs (2 – 3 per person) beat until thoroughly mixed. I like it to be almost like a batter. If you have a processor, not a bad usage for a lot of eggs – but I am old fashion – we did not even have a whisk – used a fork.

- Add salt, pepper, and dry seasonings (had garlic powder and Italian seasoning). Also a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce (I can never say that word).

- Beat it well. Let sit in the Refrigerator.

- Heat a non-stick pan (the largest you can find)

- Chop some Onions (I prefer Shallots, if I can find them, if not Red).

- Put them to sauté. Once translucent and soft, turn down the heat. Add some of the cheese (I found provolone and a white Brazilian cheese – queijo mineira – mild and creamy). Let it start to melt. I like to add a ¼ cup of milk. Make makes almost a cheese sauce at this point, lets’ add the eggs. Slowly stirring and folding the eggs, until creamy and soft now time to add the rest of the cheese (to your liking – I like CHEESY Eggs) and the chives (of course chopped).

- Your Eggs are ready to serve.


Sit everyone down! The sun is coming up. Almost time to Sail! Hope everyone likes it.

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