Breakfast with Wally in Miami – What’s in da Fridge?

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Breakfast with Wally in Miami – What’s in da Fridge?

It was one of those rare days in Miami where the temperature was below 60 degrees and you almost needed to turn the heat on!

I decided to make breakfast and invite some friends over.  So as always “What’s in da Fridge”…

You know since I ever thought about cooking, I always loved Eggs. I have some fond memories of Eggs, like My Uncle Jones making Eggs for me at the Air Force base and one of his workers teaching me how to do omelets …Than I can remember 1st time in Europe, having a slice of Torta from a café because it was one of the rare things I could afford.

So let’s make some food for our friends.

I found the following in “da Fridge”:

-       Eggs and Egg Beaters

-       Linguica

-       Green Onions / Scallions

-       Poblano Pepper

-       Cubanelle Peper

-       Yellow Onion

-       Olive Oil

-       Garlic

-       Chinese Five Spice

-       Paprika

-       Sage

-       Oregano

-       Dried Anjo Chile Powder

-       Lettuce

-       Cucumber

So watch the Video and see how they were prepared.

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