Chef Dennis – Tamarind & Guave Glazed Ribs with Bonatio Puree

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Chef Dennis – Tamarind & Guave Glazed Ribs with Bonatio Puree


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Everyone was asking for the recipe for the Tamarind & Guave Glaze Ribs and Bonatio Puree.
Since this is the Everydayguy style of cooking I have no true recipe. I have guild lines.

These are call St.Louis Style which are bigger than baby back and contain the ribblet meat. Season with salt and pepper ( please stay away from Adabo). First remove the connective tissue of the back of the rib. Place in a roasting pan in a preheated 300 degree oven for 2 to 2 1/2 hours,covered with foil. You should be able to put a fork between the ribs and feel just a slight resistance, over cooking in the oven will cause them to full apart on the grill. One they are fork tender, they are ready for the grill.
Grill should be med heat, start with meat side down to caramilze ( add color) then to same for other side. Once you have desired color start basting with BBQ Sauce. Bast on both sides two or three times.
DO NOT walk away from grill while basting, the sugars in the BBQ sauce will burn the ribs.

Start with a store bought, your favorite I used KC Masterpiece. Pour BBQ into sauce pot, bring to a simmer and tamarind pulp (Publix frozen section) and guave jelly or jam. You are looking for a balance between the sour tamarind and sweet guave. Only you will know when it’s on point. Once all ingredients are well combined, it’s time for the grill.

Bonatio Puree
Peel and dice to exact size to promote even cooking. Stream in a steam basket or any other way you can steam, until tender. Drain water and hot milk or cream, butter,salt and pepper. Bon Appetite

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