Wall’s Kitchen "Oxtail" or "Rabada" my style

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Well this one of my favorite dishes…..this taste so good!!! I love Meat!!!!!!!


- Oxtail;
- Tomatos;
- Carrots;
- Potatos;
- Onions;
- Garlic;
- Crushed red pepper;
- Salt;
- Olive Oil;
- Fresh Parsley.


Ok let’s get ready!!!

First get a nice tall pan or pot, chop the carrots, potatos, tomatos, onions, garlic and the fresh parsley….all in diferent pots…..Now add the olive oil in the pan add the onions, garlic, salt, crushed peppers and the Oxtail….let it fry…..add a little bit of water let fry and cook at the same time……when the water dry it out…add the tomatos….let fry till they melt it…..add more water, add the potatos, carrots and the fresh parsley…..lower the heat….let it boil till vegetables are well cooked….when they are ready…..make sure the table is set…..make some white rice and a nice mixed green salad.
LET”S EAT!!!!!!!!

If you like…get a nice bottle of red wine as well!!!!

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