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I am dedicating myself to documenting everything that I eat daily. Hence, like many of use, we get tired of eating the same thing all the time. For me, it is Chicken and Seafood.

In the Fridge today, I found:

- Chicken Breast grilled 2 days ago. (Shredded using a food processor – one of the best gifts ever).
- Hamburger patty – mixture (ground lamb, turkey, bison)
- Onion – Diced
- Carrot – Diced
- Lettuce – Romain, but any cabbage works, actually good old fashion Boston is what is traditionally used.
- Rice Wine Vinegar
- Hoisin Sauce

Let’s makes some wraps.

In a small pan, heat it, add peanut oil (if you have it) canola or olive works as well.

Place the patty in let begin to cook. After is has browned on one side, flip, begin to break it into piecies.

You are about 50% there!

As you already know, always have herbs. Grab some basil and chives from the garden. Add this.
A teaspoon of “Wally’s” sofrito (see the recipe on www.everydayguy.tv).

Wash you lettuce leaves. Place one entire leaf on a plate.

To the mixture cooking, add the some shredded chicken, herbs, hoisin sauce, rice wine vinegar.

let it “COMBINATE” for about 3 minutes.

Grab a tablespoon.

Take a tablespoon of the mixture place it on your leaf wrap, top it with the diced onion and carrots.

Fold it, Open your mouth, Bite down and ENJOY!!!!!!!!

This quick and easy dish satisfy your hunger, light on the stomach and pocketbook. Have two or three if you want – I DID!!!!!!!

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