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You know growing up in the midst of the turmoil in the Detroit, 68 riots, demise of the auto industry, poverty stricken city, my family and the people around me never let me know just how bad it was! Looking back, my memories of are fond days and good times! A lot of them having to be around Food!!!


So let’s see there was:

  • Aunt Blanche’s Biscuits and Fried Corn
  • POP Steen’s (Love ya) BBQ
  • The Food Festivals at the RENCEN
  • Being able to take your girl in high school and college to Greek Town for Gyros.
  • The London Chop House – WOW that was like 3 months of carrying newspapers.
  • Nana’s Smothered Chicken – My GOOODNESS that is just one of the things I love about my Nana!
  • Lou’s Deli – Now talk about Corned Beef and Pastrami – the 1st place I ever ate Tongue!
  • Green’s Hamburgers – although Greasy just the thought of them drove me to sneak out of Gesu School and go buy some – not counting had to save at least a week for lunch.
  • The Fish Shack on Livernois near University of Detroit.
  • Some Pizza Parlor, my cousin Norma would take me to when she baby-sitted me. It was good and FREE! Love the pepperoni!
  • The Chinese Food place on Woodward in the rich neighborhood that would sell us Lo-Mein cheap while riding our bikes. We thought we were going some place.


The most important thing that I learned through all of this that everything was possible and people are people. Jus you have your prejudices and as long as man stays ignorant and closed minded (fechado), you will always have them. I think food helps us overcome them.


Take this weekend, meeting at my buddy’s Ranjan’s house to do a little cook-out for about 40 persons. The make-up of the guest range from African-American to Indian to Cuban – Korean. Should be fun! Needless to say, this will be a 2-part entry. Don’t want to bore you with my pontifications – let’s get to the food.


On the menu (by the way, we are grilling)

  • In honor of the Latinos:
    • Bought some Beef (tri-tip and rump roast) going to place them in a marinade. I like to do it for at least 24 hours. Maybe you professionals will tell me I am crazy, but it sure taste good!
      • Marinade
        • Beer (preferably dark with some fruit)
        • Oranges (I like bitter oranges if you can find them – you can buy the juice in the Spanish section – Goya makes one.)
        • Garlic – WHAT are you kidding of course!
        • Hot Peppers – I am going to keep it mild – Serranos and Poblanos
        • Cilantro and Recao (Culentro), if you can find the 2nd ingredient it would be great but not required. I add basil sometimes when not available.
        • Salt – prefer Kosher or Sea
        • Ground Pepper
        • Cumin
        • Blend it up
        • Pour over the Meat
        • Put it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours – As suggested try 24. Beef can handle it. Today is Thursday; I am letting mine sit till Saturday.
    • Also on the menu, we are going to have:
      • Chicken Stuffed and Grilled.
        • Stuffing:
          • Andoullie Sausage
          • Zucchini
          • Bell Peppers
          • Red Onions
          • Take the sausage meat out of the casing.
          • Thinly slice (ok Julienne) the Zucchini, Peppers and Onions.
          • At this point, I make a little marinade for the stuffing.
            • Balsamic Vinegar
            • Soy
            • Olive Oil
            • Pepper, Salt, Garlic and Celery Powder.
        • The day of the grilling – marinade before the chicken breast
          • Garlic
          • Soy
          • Olive Oil
          • Apple Juice
          • Salt and Pepper
        • After some time (try 2 hours) take out the breast, butterfly them and stuff with the Zucc, Peppers, Onions and Sausage meat. Lay the vegetables length ways and the sausage on top of them. I like to close them with a skewer, or even string works. Just want something that will let it stay together during the initial cooking.
      • Last thing for two day is the Lamb – can’t really thing about grilling without the lamb. But this time, instead of doing it with a traditional Mediterranean feel, I am going to use Pop’s BBQ touch. Now he never really told me the secret, but I think I am getting close. The night before, I make my Marinade – we are going to do a Leg of Lamb. I like to use the grilling. Takes a little longer than chops, but the taste is awesome. (Got to be the fat!)
        • Marinade – (EGTV disclaimer – I don’t have the terms down – there is low and slow and grilling and smoking) this recipe is somewhere in between.
          • Pops always used some beer (3 bottles out of a six pack should work) – being from Detroit, I am using Miller – can’t find Schlitz (LOL!!!! – got to be from Detroit to understand)
          • Pepper
          • Habenero – while it was definitely not prevalent in the markets we definitely had some scotch bonnet – remember they are hot – don’t need a lot.
          • Onions (chopped rough)
          • Green Peppers (chopped rough)
          • Ground Spices (try to use powder and not salt)
            • Garlic
            • Ginger
            • Cumin
            • Allspice
            • Onion
            • Celery
            • Turmeric
            • Bay Leaves
          • Scallions
          • Balsamic and Apple Cider Vinegar (a cup of each)
          • Mustard (depending on the day and mood, I use French’s or Honey)
          • Fresh tomatoes (chopped rough)
          • Mix ground spices, salt, black pepper, vinegar, olive oil (1/2 cup) and beer.
          • Cover Meat – let sit – overnight is awesome.


We are ready for Saturday. I am sure my friends will bring something. I am going to steal a Kimchi recipe from a fellow blogger (www.chezpim) make that! And I will see you tomorrow. It is all about making food on the grill. We have 3 all set up:

  • Propane – think Webber – we will use it for stuff like the chicken and other munchies – sausages, shrimps, etc.
  • Charcoal – we will use it for the Beef – going with medium to low cooking.
  • Charcoal – it is a quase-wanna-be smoker – will use it for the lamb.


Also to make on Saturday will be a rice dish, salad, grilled vegetables, including Portabellas, don’t forget the kimchi! Got to have it!



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